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BOXIT is an easy to use database that helps collect, store and organize information about all your antibodies, cells, oligos, plasmids and other biological samples.

  • Document and organize your lab treasures effectively.
  • Search and retrieve information about your stored tubes quickly
Download a free, fully functional trialversion here!

BOXIT - keeps knowledge in your lab!

Novartis, Roche, Eli Lilly and universities worldwide rely on BOXIT to organize their labs.

• Two versions available: BOXIT-SA (stand-alone version) and BOXIT-CS (client/server) version

• Use BOXIT as a starting template for your own lab-specific database. Get access to the source code.

• BOXIT reviewed by BioMedNet. Read the review.

• Cooperation with GLW storing systems: Get your boxes from GLW.

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